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Unison Sacco Diaspora Banking

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Unison Sacco Diaspora Banking


As envisaged in our mission of enhancing our customers’ wealth and fulfillment of life, Diaspora Banking aims to understand your customer’s needs and provide products and services to assist you to create and manage your wealth. All Diaspora members are assigned a Personal Banking Relationship Manager who maintains contact with you to ensure that your day to day financial management needs are met wherever you may be in the world.

In the recent past we have rolled out the Diaspora B to (C) customer NETWORKING service designed for you, living, working or studying abroad! We recognize that, you are special with unique financial needs that include banking in multiple currencies and having the desire to invest and create a financial base back home through convenient and reputable channels. By virtue of being abroad. We acknowledge that you require tailor made banking facilities, designed around your unique needs, delivered effortlessly with service above the ordinary. We consider you as a special Diaspora member and invite you to join the Diaspora B to C networking club and enjoy Diaspora banking services at your convenience.

We have re-looked at our Diaspora Banking taking into consideration your preferences as our member. Unison Sacco has a proud heritage and history as a refined financial services provider empowering individuals and corporate across the globe, and now we are proud to present Diaspora Banking that is aligned to our customers developing lifestyles.



At Unison Sacco, we take a global view of your banking needs. So if you want non-resident bank account services, we offer accounts that are designed to operate internationally while servicing your day-to-day banking needs.

We have designed a full range of products and services that you expect from a world-class Sacco. We are committed to providing you with avenues for making safe and profitable investments back home in line with our mission to “to mobilize resources for the provision of quality, affordable and efficient financial services to all our clients” for our customers. We provide Savings, Current, Deposit and Investments Accounts that offer the flexibility of making deposits. You will be able to manage your transaction or investment accounts from anywhere in the world through seamless remittance solutions and electronic channels.

Unison Diaspora loan products will in addition, provide great opportunities for you to realize your plans of living your ideal lifestyle. These are augmented insurance solu􀆟ons that will leave you knowing everything is taken care of in any eventuality.

At Unison we believe our Diaspora banking offering will make your life abroad a highway of convenience.


Unison Sacco Diaspora Membership


Investment Opportunities

The rapid growth of annual remittances by Kenyans living abroad has led to the emergence of diaspora-affiliated Sacco’s through which most of them invest in real estate. Saccos are a new frontier in the battle for diaspora money that has been steadily on the rise in the last few years. Are you Diaspora Investor Looking for affordable Prime Kenya Diaspora Investment opportunities? We got you covered

Sacco deposits:

Regular remittance that allows you to invest in the whole dream of the Sacco and enjoy high returns as we grow together.

Real estate investment:

Platforms that allows clients to jointly acquire high valued assets which are later subdivided into individual properties.

Fixed deposits:

Investment account that guarantees high fixed rate of return over a period of time.

Project finance: Unison strives to partner with you on your journey towards securing an affordable income generating projects.

investment properties

Money Transfer

Unison Sacco have invested on a number of platforms that enables you to move your money with the ease across the globe.

Coop Bank

Branch code; 11068
Bank code; 10000
Swift code; KCOOKENA
Payee bank account number; 01120036872100
Payee Bank branch; Nanyuki

Equity Bank

Branch code; 027
Bank code; 68
Swift code; EQBLKENA
Payee bank account number; 0270292475773
Payee Bank branch; Nanyuki

MPESA Paybill Deposit

How to deposit/pay using M-Pesa pay bill

a) Go to M-pesa menu-Lipa na M-PESA

b) Pay bill

c) Enter business number (884219)

d) For account number, enter your id number followed by the product code. (NB: No space between ID No and Product Code)

e) Enter the amount ,PIN and wait for confirmation

Development Loan

Development Loan

Do you intend to develop a property? You have got a partner in unison.


Loan Calculator

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