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About Unison Sacco

Unison Sacco is a leading Sacco that empowers and stands with its members to grow their wealth. The Sacco believes in inspiring members to pool their resources and grow together – in unison.

Our brand essence is ‘always there for you’, – a proposition that we make to our members that they can always count on Unison’s support in their journey of prosperity. Previously known as Laikipia Teachers Sacco, Unison has grown from a paltry less than 100 members in 1977 when it was started, to now more than 30,000 members.

The Sacco operates within the legal requirements regarding the provision of financial services in Kenya. Savings and Credit Organisations in Kenya are regulated by the Commissioner for Co-operatives and Marketing. In addition, the SACCOs is regulated as a deposit taking Sacco by the Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority as provided by The Sacco Societies Act 2008.

From humble beginnings come great things. This adage epitomizes our journey. In 1977, a group of teachers came together to start a movement that would bolster their prosperity agenda. This movement came to be known as Laikipia Teachers Sacco. These visionary pioneers were inspired by abiding belief that by pooling resources together, they would acquire assets and start income generating projects. Formed at a time when Saccos were grappling with governance challenges across the country, the Sacco withstood challenges, growing membership and by extension, savings and loan book, by leaps and bounds.

Following the liberalization of the co-operative movement; the Sacco has been able to recruit its membership from other Government departments, private companies and entrepreneurs though initially membership was restricted to teachers.

Our Vision

To be the leading financial service provider contributing to community economic empowerment in Kenya

Our Mission

To mobilise resources for the provision of quality, affordable and efficient financial services to our clients and other stakeholders

Our Core Values

  1. Quality service
  2. Initiative and proactive
  3. Team work
  4. Accountability and transparency
  5. Partnership and collaboration

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